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Events and Functions

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Events and Functions

Event Security in London

Limelight Support is one of the industry leaders in event security provision for high standards in London. We utilise our years of experience providing the services and expertise from all of our staff, venues and contracts in Live Music, Conferences, Community Events, etc. to continue to deliver the required standard of security to keep these events safe and orderly.

We bring professionalism and sophistication to your event. Friendly and helpful Security Officers are often one of the greatest aids to events, keeping them enjoyable and entertaining for all attendees and preventing any confrontations and diffusing situations.

We Stand Apart

What separates us from other security services is our goal and attitude to always surpass and exceed all expectations, minimise risks and confrontations. We assure this by utilising all the resources we have at our disposal both internally and externally.
By using everything at our disposal together with our active management techniques and fine tuning our security officers and services to your requirements, we are able to achieve an exceptionally high-quality service which you and our other clients will be happy with and greatly appreciate for years to come.

Our event services are flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of each client, this makes the service reliable, professional and dynamic. We are always available for questions and quotes so find out what we can provide for you today.

Events and Functions
Events and Functions

We Provide Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

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