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Limelight Support Services Ltd acknowledges that an essential management function is overseeing and guaranteeing health, safety, quality, and the protection of the environment. We see these things as a vital part of our responsibilities and adopt these quality standards as integral to running a good business. We shall carry out all our business operations in compliance with the following general principles while continually striving to improve our quality management activities. We will always:  Strictly obey all laws and regulations that are applicable.  Attempt to best utilize all management resources to achieve quality and continually strive to improve our performance.  Inform everyone in our organization and all other interested parties of our quality objec.. Read More


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Limelight Support Services Ltd regards sexual harassment as a type of unacceptable misconduct that interferes with a proper employment relationship. Employees have a right to expect that their workplace and working environment will be free of all discrimination or conduct that is harassing, disruptive or coercive. Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited and will result in discipline, with the sanctions ranging up to and including termination. 1.Sexual Harassment Defined Sexual harassment includes unconsented to verbal, physical, or visual sexually oriented conduct or materials, requests for sexual favours, or sexual advances. This includes anything that is objectionable or offensive to the person exposed to it, and includes, but is not limited to sexual epithets, suggestive or derogatory slurs, gestures or comments, and offensive drawings, pictures, cartoons or posters. Our pol.. Read More

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We understand that you rely on us for safeguarding your business, that’s why we put in our best men, technology and monitoring service into every contract. Our security service is one of the leading services in London, providing integrated and comprehensive security to your business. We have built a reputation based on trust and outstanding performance. We are innovative and forward thinking, always ready to go the extra mile..

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